Parfarome is a brand of Chemarome - a dynamic and modern international company with European heritage originating in Barcelona.

Focusing on the Muslim market, we develop and supply similar concentrated perfume oils free of ingredients derived from alcohol, pigs and other materials banned from consumption under Islamic law.

Digital Catalog

The Digital Catalog of Parfarome is first of its kind for the refill market. We create this new & innovative way to support you easily in conveniently selecting our range of concentrated perfumes online.

Decision making made easy through technology.


As a major player of the global markets, we have already successfully achieved ISO, GMP and HALAL status certification to guarantee the highest standards of work in our products.

Product & Solution

Our wide collections of perfumes will match & inspire your most scented adventures.

We offer 3 different budget solutions for every pocket: standard, deluxe and premium.

Research & Development

With our main R&D Center in Barcelona and subsidiary labs in Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh city, we cover the full spectrum of technological demands, quality controls and regulation standards wherever we operate.


We praise our creativity across our formulations while enforcing the strictest quality controls amongs our fragrances.

We also manage to promptly deliver our developments thanks to our "state of art" analytical & sampling equipment.

Our factories in Jakarta and Barcelona provide the quality standards and fast deliveries the most competitive customers require